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With years of teaching advanced flight systems and avionics, our Instructor Pilots can dramatically increase your skills. Our Advanced Systems Training focuses on improving Crew Resource Management, individual pilot skills, situational awareness, and correlation in the higher workload and more complex glass cockpits of today - whether you fly fixed-wing or helicopter!

Type Training

We offer training in the Citation 500 series and the King Air 350.

Citation 500 Series
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King Air 300/350
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Specialty Courses

Tactical Formation & Low Level

Learn the most difficult and coveted arts of military flying - Formation and Low-Level Flight! Utilizing various airframes like the King Air 90/200, you will learn complex formation techniques and low-level dead reckoning capabilities.

Advanced Systems & Emergencies

All flight courses teach basic emergency procedures, but do you really know the systems well enough to diagnose problems safely? Are you practiced at handling stress in emergencies, allowing you to focus and make good decisions? This course will teach you how to do both.

Crew Resource Management

Flying in a crew can be a stressful environment. How do you handle coordination, relationship, and communication? Let us teach you.

Advanced Aerial Navigation Techniques

With the low cost of on-board GPS, many of the time-tested techniques of aerial navigation are being lost. We will teach you the lost arts to make you a safer, better pilot. In conjunction with aerial navigation techniques, this course will teach you how to know the aircraft and fly it to its potential, even on long-range overwater flights with minimal navigation equipment.