Prepare for tomorrow

Firearms & Tactial Training

All combat veterans, our instructors are both law enforcement and NRA qualified, and have taught tactical employment of various weapons systems - pistols, carbines, shotguns, and precision rifles - for years. We teach all levels of skills - from basic to advanced, and we can teach in groups or one-on-one. Legionnaire is contracted to federal agencies to teach these same skills.

Survival Training

Using a variety of locatiosns across the country, Legionnaire instructors can guide you through the basics of survival - hunting, fishing, land navigation, basic shelters, mountaineering, water survival, and a wide-variety of other important skills that can save your life in tough times. Most importantly, we teach you how to mentally and emotionally deal with difficulty so that you can keep yourself and your loved ones alive.

Tactical Skills Training

Whether from a vehicle or in your home or office, sound techniques for protecting yourself and your loved ones are ever more important. Take advantadge of our worldwide experience and learn to shoot, move, and communicate safely and strategically in an increasingly dangerous world.

Tactical & Survival Driving

Driving is both art and science. It is an engineering problem wrapped in skillful and artful techniques that can save your life. Do you know how to effectively use a vehicle to escape danger? We can show you how.

Firearms Manufacturing & Gunsmithing

Legionnaire specializes in Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs) and suppressor systems, and we are working on new designs and ideas all the time. We manufaacture several different models for military and law enforcement, as well as civilian use. Please contact us for sales and service of these items.